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Welcome to the feedback forum for Clover Devices and Hardware. Please share your ideas for how we can update our hardware to improve merchant and customer experiences at the point of sale. We are listening and we use this feedback to prioritize our roadmap.

Here are quick descriptions of each category so that you can easily locate and post ideas in the correct place!

1. Device Setup: Were you able to easily put together and configure your device? Please express your thoughts on the device setup process here. 

2. Individual Device Categories: Share your ideas that have to do with all things hardware including the design, functionality, durability, compatibility, and more.  

3. Accessories/Peripherals: In this category, you can post all your thoughts on Clover accessories and peripherals such as the pin-pad, cash drawer, scales, scanners, and printers.

4. Other Device/Hardware Suggestions: Place your idea here if you have feedback that does not fit in any of the other forum categories.




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