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Taking Payments

There are a lot of ways to take a payment. Provide your ideas to help advance Clover’s payments acceptance process here. We are listening and we use this feedback to prioritize our roadmap.

Here are quick descriptions of each category so that you can easily locate and post ideas in the correct place!

1. Virtual Terminal: Provide all feedback on the Virtual Terminal in this category. How can we make this solution more useful for merchants?

2. Refunds/Exchanges: If you have any feedback on Clover’s refund or exchange functions please let us know here.

3. Recurring Payments: Share your thoughts on accepting recurring payments here. Tell us how we can improve.

4. Invoicing: Is there any functionality that can be added to our systems to enhance the invoicing feature? Put your ideas in this forum category.

5. Voids: How can we make voiding a transaction easier and simpler? Tell us your suggestions to improve this payment feature.

6. Invoicing: Share your thoughts on invoicing here. Tell us how we can improve.

7. Discounts: Ideas in the forum category should talk about the built-in Clover discounts feature which can be found in your dashboard. How can we make giving discounts easier and more effective?

8. Taxes: What functionality can be added or improved to make charging and managing taxes easier.

9. Tipping: How can we enhance Clover’s tipping options to benefit merchants, employees, and customers? Place all ideas related to tipping here.

Taking Payments



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  1. Clover needs a alert option for voids and refund so the owner or manager can know live when these transactions happen

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    Thanks for your feedback. This does seem like a good idea. 

    Are there specific modes of transactions that you would like to be notified about (e.g. On device, Ecommerce, Hosted Checkout, all)? 

    Also, any preference for how notifications are delivered (e.g. SMS, Email, push, all)?

    Would it be helpful to set up thresholds (over a specific amount) that trigger these alerts? 


    Clover Product

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